Twitch streamer mortified after chat spots misplaced adult toy

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Minecraft streamer ‘F1NN5TER’ was mortified after his Twitch chat pointed out a suspicious object just lying in the background of the stream that wasn’t supposed to be there.

The popular Minecraft ‘e-girl’ streamer was just a couple of minutes into his stream when the realization hit. His Twitch chat was quick to tell F1NN5TER of the misplaced object that kept poking into the frame from behind his chair.

“WHAT IS THAT IN THE BACK,” one viewer exclaimed. But the Minecraft YouTuber wouldn’t notice for another minute as more people started to find it for themselves.

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It wasn’t until some audience members started typing “oh no” when F1N realized what his stream was so fixated on.

Taking a closer look at his OBS, his expression widened and he quickly reacted to make sure the apparent adult toy wasn’t on the stream anymore.

“No one saw it right?” he joked. “Hold on, wait a second. I need to deal with something that can’t be on the stream any longer. That’s against TOS.”

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F1NN5TER played it off as quickly as he could – but not before his Twitch chat ribbed him for the on-camera snafu that opened the stream.

“So, we gonna talk about why it was out and about?” one viewer asked. But F1N wasn’t going to entertain the topic much longer before heading straight into custom Minecraft servers.

minecraft championship dreamMCChampionship Twitter
F1NN5TER was a part of the MCC winning team with Dream, BadBoyHalo and Seapeekay.

F1NN5TER is an ingrained member in the larger Minecraft scene. Last year, he was a part of Dream’s MCC-winning team that contributed $20,000 to cancer research following Minecraft YouTuber ‘Technoblade’s diagnosis.

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As one of Minecraft’s popular content creators, F1NN5TER has been making waves on Twitch with his e-girl streams and lively mayhem from custom servers.

The streamer moved really fast to avoid any potential Twitch violations from his latest broadcast mishap and had a quick laugh with his chat before dismissing the moment.

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