Twitch streamer mortified after accidentally going live while eating Taco Bell

Twitch: Jambo

Twitch streamer ‘Jambo’ was left totally embarrassed after learning she’d been broadcasting herself chowing down on some Taco Bell — all while she thought she was testing alerts offline.

Twitch, like its other broadcasting compatriots, is a well-known haven for all sorts of hilarious shenanigans that are all caught in real-time.

From streamers having hilarious interactions with their fans to users catching crazy stuff going down during IRL broadcasts while they’re traveling abroad, Twitch clips are  unbeatable and near-endless sources of entertainment.

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One humorous moment recently went down on the platform during an unintentional live stream from a partnered broadcaster named ‘Jambo.’

Jambo Twitch InstagramInstagram: playwithjambo
Twitch partner ‘Jambo’ was left mortified after realizing she’d been streaming live while nomming on some Taco Bell.

The streamer, who boasts over 18,000 followers on the platform, is best known for her variety of gaming broadcasts and founding the group ‘TeamSidequestTV’— as well as her love of pizza, as told by her About page.

Funnily enough, Jambo’s food cravings resulted in a hilarious moment for her fans after she accidentally started up a broadcast on September 14.

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Jambo thought that she was offline at the time, and was testing stream alerts while chowing down on a Taco Bell burrito and drinking a Baja Blast.

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The streamer happily consumed her meal live for her audience of thousands, completely unaware that everyone was watching her eating in total silence. It wasn’t until one of her mods messaged her on Discord that she became aware of what was actually going on.

Luckily, it seems like Jambo took the moment in stride and even uploaded the clip to her Twitter page, joking that she was going to “retire” from the platform out of embarrassment.

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“I’m gettin’ Baja Blasted,” she joked. “This is the most professional moment of my streaming career. I’m trying to block my cheeks so you can’t see how red they are!”

Jambo’s slip-up has become quite popular on social media, and just goes to show how humble she is — all while being an ingenious advertisement for her Twitch stream.

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