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Entertainment • Jun 18, 2019

Twitch streamer Mizkif wastes hours of his life playing game he can't save

Twitch streamer Mizkif wastes hours of his life playing game he can't save
L: Mizkif/Twitch. R: Itch.

Twitch streamer ‘Mizkif’ was left with a difficult problem after finding out that he was unable to save his progress after three hours of playing Viva Pinata.


Mizkif is one of the most popular IRL [in real life] streamers on the livestreaming platform, racking up thousands of viewers any time he jumps on to stream.

However, during his June 17 stream, he had decided against IRL shenanigans and opted to dive into the Xbox 360 classic Viva Pinata. Yet, he had a shock on his hands when he wanted to back out of the game.


Twitter: RealMizkif
Mizkif regularly streams his IRL hijinxs to thousands of fans.

After spending over three hours playing the title, Mizkif discovered that a number of his Newts had gone missing and it would take time to get them back. Instead of facing the challenge head on there and then, the streamer offered his chat the option to save the game and back out - opting to watch videos together instead.

Yet, when he tried to find the save game and exit option it was nowhere to be found. “I can’t save,” he said, completely surprised by the fact that he was about to lose his progress. However, Mizkif found the answer he had been searching for when a viewer sent him a clip from earlier in the stream where the game he told him that he would be unable to save.  

Left speechless by the discovery and instead of accepting his fate, he opted to leave the game running in the background. “I am not turning off my PC, I am not turning off my PC,” he added as he sheepishly minimized the game.


Did Mizkif turn off his PC after all?

While Mizkif carried on with his stream for a few hours longer, he didn’t return to the game and went down a deep hole of videos with his viewers.

However, when things ultimately came to an end, the streamer didn’t reveal whether or not he was turning the PC off - even though he had stated he wouldn’t.

When you weigh things up, the added costs to power and the heat output would probably outweigh the progress made in over three hours of Viva Pinata, but we'll just have to wait until he goes live again to see what decision he made.

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