Twitch streamer Mitch Jones has to get Greekgodx tattoo after losing bet

Twitch: Mitch Jones / Twitter @greekgodx

Twitch streamer Mitch Jones has revealed he has to get a tattoo of fellow broadcaster Greekgodx after losing a bet. 

Mitch Jones is a veteran Twitch streamer that’s been popular on the platform since its early days, with content varying from games to IRL [In-Real-Life] broadcasts.

He’s always been heavily involved with the Twitch community and made a bet that fellow streamer Greekgodx wouldn’t succeed on his weight loss journey, and if he did, Mitch would get a tattoo of him.

Twitter @Greekgodx
Greekgodx has made some amazing progress on his weight loss journey, and Mitch Jones may soon have a tattoo of the streamer.

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The British streamer has been making stunning progress and sharing his results with Twitch fans, meaning it may be time for the American to accept defeat and get some ink.

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He realized this during a recent stream when a fan sent him a clip of the bet. “If Greek ever weighs 200 lbs or less, I’ll get a GGX tattoo on my a**”. The clip was nine months old but definitely real, and many are saying that it has now happened.

Mitch immediately regretted what he said and right as the clip ended tried to get out of it. “Wait a second, listen, that guy that said that, that was not me. That’s David Jones… not me, that’s not me.”

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Although he did later admit that it was him, mainly because he was worried about the subject and trying to get out of it. “I actually have to get a tattoo on my a**? Well, I mean, that’s only if I’m held accountable… we can totally get away from that.”

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The American then moved onto watching different clips and tried to avoid the subject, although, it’s unlikely his viewers will let him forget about the tattoo and will push him to get it during every stream.

Meanwhile, Greekgodx hasn’t said anything, but will no doubt be amused by the bet and it may even push him to drop some more weight if he hasn’t reached the goal already.