Twitch streamer Mitch Jones loses his mind AND his hair in botched dye attempt - Dexerto

Twitch streamer Mitch Jones loses his mind AND his hair in botched dye attempt

Published: 19/Jul/2019 18:40 Updated: 21/Dec/2021 17:24

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Controversial Twitch streamer Mitch Jones felt like a hair change was due so he decided to enlist the help of his fellow housemate Kailey ‘Kbubblez’ – you can guess how it went.

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Mitch Jones might be in the middle of an explosive housing crisis right now, but that didn’t stop him from trying to calm the mood by having a hair change-up during his July 17 stream.

Best friend and fellow housemate Kbubblez, who is mainly known for her awful driving ‘skills’, agreed to help him undergo his transformation, but things didn’t go to plan at all for the American streamer.


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Hair today, gone tomorrow…

Presumably, Mitch wanted to lighten his hair to a platinum blonde color, so Kbubblez went to town on his hair and slathered it root to tip with hair bleach. Most people who like to play with their locks know all too well that said bleach can’t be left on for too long otherwise it completely fries the hair – and this is where they messed up.

While Kbubblez clawed at his head to evenly distribute the chemical, the streamer suddenly looked shocked and shouted “What is in your hands? Is that MY HAIR? MY HAIR IS IN YOUR HANDS!”


With his hair coming out in clumps in her fists, he understandably got very angry. “DUDE, KAILEY! KAILEY!” he screamed as he flung his headset down onto his chair violently.

The rest of the clip is inaudible as the streamer flies around the room in a fit of rage as his housemate melts into a puddle of non-stop laughter at the fact she’d ruined his hair.

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The aftermath was just as messy

Later on in the stream after they’d washed the bleach out of his now-thinned hair, Mitch showed his audience what his barnet looked like. While it was indeed lighter in color, it wasn’t the platinum blonde he was presumably going for.


“UGH. Dude, you… My hair is actually falling out!” he exclaimed in disgust to a non-visible Kbubblez as he ran his fingers through his hair and pulled out clumps. “I’m watching it fall out!” As the female streamer re-enters the room, he shows her his fistfuls of hair. “Look! It’s actually falling out, look!”

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“Can you stop, dude?” she replied angrily. “[It’s falling out] a little bit, dude. Hair falls out every fucking day. Can you just stop being a child?”

“LOOK AT THIS SHIT!” Mitch shouted back, holding up another clump of his destroyed hair between his fingers. Oh dear.


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With Mitch now channelling his inner xQc with his new hairdo, hopefully the fiasco will help to take his mind off of their ugly housing drama.