Twitch streamer Mind1 left in tears after receiving ‘life-changing’ $10k donations

Shay Robson. Last updated: Aug 01, 2021
Mind1 Twitch

DJ Twitch streamer ‘Mind1’ was caught off guard last night while celebrating his 41st birthday, receiving over $10,000 in donations from his small community.

As Twitch has continued to get bigger and bigger over the years, streamers have been able to turn their hobby into a full-time job off the back of a hugely supportive community.

Following his DJ’ing at clubs and events, Mind1 began streaming on Twitch seven years ago with some DJ streams. He quickly found a passion for MMORPGs, and this was where his content and his community began to grow.

Seven years later, the streamer is still sticking to his roots. He streams his favorite MMORPG EVE Online during the week, and of course, DJ’ing on the weekend, with fans tuning in to watch his sets.

DJ mind1 posing with his twitch set-up
Twitter: mind1official
Mind1 has been streaming for several years, building up a community of loyal fans.

For his birthday stream on July 31, the DJ busted out his decks once again to celebrate and was left completely lost for words with what he was seeing unfold in his chat. The streamer received $10,000 in donations during his 41st birthday stream that lasted over seven hours.

After a wave of donations from some generous viewers, he eventually fell to tears, thanking his community for their support over the years.

“You guys, I don’t think you understand.. I’ve been doing this for like seven years. It wasn’t very long ago I had $20 in my bank account,” said Mind1 in an emotional wreck after receiving thousands of dollars in bits.


With the goal of eventually turning to full-time streaming, the 41-year-old is one step closer to his dream. A group effort from the community he has built over the years led to a wave of support for his birthday, but it’ll likely continue regardless as well.

$10,000 is a life-changing amount of money for anybody, but it doesn’t get much better than to receive it from generous strangers on the internet who enjoy your content.