Twitch streamer Macaiyla responds after copping two week ban

. 4 weeks ago
Instagram: Macaiyla

Twitch star Macaiyla offered an apology to her followers after revealing her ban from the streaming platform will last two weeks.

On June 3, former Cloud9 streamer Macaiyla was banned from Twitch. At the time, it was unknown what exactly the ban was for and for how long she would be gone from the streaming site.

Since the ban became public, she’s offered both an explanation as well as an apology to her followers.

Macaiyla apologizes after getting two-week Twitch ban

The 23-year-old noted that while the ban is only for 14 days, she will be appealing it with Twitch.

She said: “My ban is 2 weeks. I will appeal it of course. It was hateful conduct towards a group and NO it was not Koreans/Asians. I am still shocked at the reasoning. If I can, I will talk about it after my suspension. Lets just say, a lot of you will be surprised.”

Afterward, the streamer explained why she was “glad” she got suspended: “I’ll be 24 this year. Joking or not, I have no reason to act this way. I’m an adult. I gain nothing from this. I don’t act this way offline so why do it online? It’s sad. I want to be a better example for my family one day. Not whatever this is.”

Many of her followers believed she was banned from Twitch for her comments on Pho.

However, she claims the punishment is for a different reason than the now-deleted tweet.

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