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LosPollosTV responds to refund “scam” controversy after accidental $350 viewer donation

Published: 25/Jan/2021 12:57 Updated: 25/Jan/2021 13:43

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Louis ‘LosPollosTV’ Sammartino has hit back after a donator claimed they’d accidentally donated $350 instead of $3.50. 

For many Twitch viewers, just tuning into their favorite streamer and interacting in chat is their way of showing support, but plenty of others dig into their pockets and pay for the content. 

That can be through a normal Twitch sub, a Twitch Prime sub, or with a donation or two through sites like streamlabs. However, the latter also gives trolls a chance to try and profit off a streamer, either through chargebacks on their donation or getting a refund.

During his January 24 stream, LosPollosTV received a $350 donation that the donator claimed was accidental, and should have only been $3.50, and asked for a refund. LosPollos denied a refund right away and came under fire for doing so, but he defended his decision to do so, saying that it wasn’t a mistake. 


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“You want to pay for the fees, give me the fee money and I’ll give your f**king s**t back,” LosPollos said, defending his decision to deny the refund. 

When a donator asks for a refund or begins a chargeback on their card, it can come at the cost of the streamer, leaving them out of pocket. Thus, it’s become quite the scam for some who prey on the streamer’s generosity to give back the cash. 

“I’ve been a nice guy about this too many times, I don’t care anymore. It literally says all donations are nonrefundable, what’s up?” Louis added. “Are you trying to sue, what’s up? I’m sick of this s**t. This literally happened last week.”


After his chat filled up with messages, some calling him a scammer, and others calling out the donation as a scam, the streamer continued on defending himself, noting how many confirmation steps you have to go through to actually make a donation.

“I’ll deal with this. I don’t care about the money, I don’t need the money, it just pisses me off. It’s a donation, no one has to donate,” he said.

“It’s just like, why do people do this, and then I’m seeing people spam in the chat ‘you’re a scammer’. Dudes are calling me a scammer, I did nothing. I’m sitting here streaming, a dude gives me $350 and I’m like oh s**t, thanks bro, and f**king 10 minutes later he’s like ‘I didn’t mean to do that.’ The f**k?” Louis added, noting that similar situations have been happening to him for a long time. 


In terms of dealing with it, LosPollos flipped the situation and said he was going to give away $50 to seven lucky subscribers, which, if you do the math, is $350.

He also confirmed, after he finished streaming, that he’d refunded the donator anyway despite all the flak he’d already received after some took his initial response out of context.

Even though the donator got what they wanted, it should serve as a warning to anyone who tries to pull the donation refund on a streamer, you might not get your way if the streamer doesn’t want to play ball.