Twitch streamer absolutely loses his mind after getting reverse-swept in Mortal Kombat 11

Alan Bernal
NetherRealm Studios

Twitch streamer ‘imstilldadaddy1985’ ran into some stiff competition online.

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NetherRealm Studios launched their latest entry in the legendary series on April 23, and players have since poured hours into the game mastering everything from combos to spacing for the wide array of characters on the roster.

But no amount of training can prevent players from feeling the heat when encountering a tough matchup like imstilldadaddy1985 did during his May 21 stream, leading to an epic meltdown.

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NetherRealm Studios
Geras can really lay down the hurt, he just needs to reach his opponent to do so.

The streamer was playing as heavy-hitter Geras against Jade who has more than enough zoning abilities to keep imstilldadaddy1985 away. But what really annoyed the broadcaster was his opponent’s apparent spamming that was stifling any chance of a counter.

After conceding defeat to the Jade, his opponent was looking to get a post-match shot at the streamer, simply saying “okay first of all” but imstilldadaddy1985 wasn’t about to let him go any further.

“Shut up, bro! You fucking idiot. Cause you won a game? Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. Not listening to you. You’re fucking shit…” imstilldadaddy1985 said after the fight. “…Shut up, you’re garbage. Trash. You’re garbage. Spamming bullshit, that’s all you fucking do. Get the fuck out of here, prick. It fucking irritates when people get mouthy just after they win, do you know what I mean?”

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What led to the Twitch streamer’s rage?

The streamer was livid since he started out the ranked set with a 2-0 against his foe when they were using Raiden, but he ended up getting reverse-swept after the opponent switched to Jade.

“I’m blowing you out for the fucking game, you go through this shitty character. Spamming bullshit and you beat me. Now you get cocky and think you’re fucking good. Fucking idiot,” he concluded.

Imstilldadaddy1985 Twitch
The streamer was doing really well against his opponent, until the foe switched up to someone who could easily deal with Geras.

Mortal Kombat is just as much learning a fighter’s weakness as it is adapting to get out of a tricky situation.

It seems as though imstilldadaddy1985’s opponent was able to do that just a bit better in this situation, leading to the incredible rant to close out the set.