Twitch streamer loses it over perfectly-timed donation


Twitch streamer SweeetTails was left speechless by a viewer’s donation whose timing couldn’t have been any better.

Sometimes, the stars align to make fantastic content out of nothing more than a text-to-speech donation on stream.

This is exactly what happened to Twitch streamer and TikTok star SweeetTails after she decided to try some Zots.

Caught off guard by a perfectly-timed donation

After trying the Zots, which are hard candies that fizz in your mouth, SweeetTails took a moment to reflect on the flavors hitting her tongue.

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While deep in thought, one brilliant viewer submitted a perfectly-timed donation that turned this moment into a hilarious TikTok.

As she pondered the taste, the viewer’s donation triggered a fart sound effect at just the perfect time, causing SweeetTails to break down in a fit of laughter.

The “fart” effect sounds exactly like you think it would.

We may never know why sixx43 decided to donate the fart effect, or if they intended for it to be as perfectly timed as it was. But, we do have to commend them for having it fire at the exact right time.

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SweeetTails’ Twitch description is even “Making my way through life, one wheeze laugh at a time,” and this clip shows exactly what she means.

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