Twitch streamer loses her mind as lobster she wants to cook fights back

Sae bbal cola can

A streamer on Twitch attempted to boil a lobster and eat it on stream, but when they went to pick up the live lobster to kill it, they were freaked out and had a meltdown over it.

The harsh reality about eating animals is that, yes, you actually have to kill them first. With lobsters, the typical fashion of eating them is by boiling them in hot water.

When Sae Bbal cola can, a streamer who plays a variety of games and eats food on camera attempted to boil a lobster live on Twitch, which lead to a massive disaster.

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Sae bbal
Sae was not prepared for taking this lobster’s life.

Lobsters are scary

When Sae went to open up the container with the lobster inside, it’s possible she didn’t prepare for the lobster to actually still be alive. When she lifted the lid and the lobster began moving around, she shrieked in absolute horror. Even her dog, who can be seen in the background, was quite concerned for her.

Her Twitch chat went wild as she ran away from the box the lobster emerged from, exiting her room and closing the door on her dog in the process.

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Beware of watching the clip, as we suggest lowering the volume beforehand to save your eardrums from her incredibly loud screams.

After the meltdown, she took to the internet for some lobster-killing guides, and eventually was able to eat the beast. We don’t blame her for freaking out, as lobsters are known as the bugs of the sea for a reason.

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