Twitch streamer left speechless after cat steals $80 piece of fish

André González Rodríguez

Twitch streamer gourmetmei was left in disbelief after her cat stole an $80 piece of fish while she wasn’t looking.

Well known cooking streamer gourmetmei often broadcasts herself preparing delicious-looking meals that she later eats for viewers on Twitch.

With a massive reservoir of recipes, the Vietnamese American living in Japan has no shortage of delicious food to make fans mouths water.

However, during a stream on April 9, one of her cats decided to make some content of their own when they stole an $80 piece of fish she was preparing.

gourmetmei streamerTwitch: gourmetmei
Gourmetmei streams herself cooking different foods every weekend.

Twitch streamer’s cat steals an $80 piece of fish

During her usual type of cooking broadcast, gourmetmei decided to cook a pricey cut from a fish called an Amaidai Tilefish.

According to the streamer the fillet cost $80 on its own to buy. This obviously led to her constantly being on the lookout to keep her cats from grabbing a quick snack.

However, no amount of cat-watching would keep her dish safe in the end. When she turned around to prep the rest of the meal, one of her cats took their chance and snatched the $80 treat, leaving gourmetmei absolutely stunned.

“I’m so devastated,” she said. “I’m speechless, I can’t believe it.”

Fortunately for her, she was actually able to salvage her main course before the feline thief could do any real damage to it. So, after securing the fish, she finished cooking the rest of the dish and was even able to enjoy it too.