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Twitch streamer KBubblez explains why Reddit has “ruined” her life

Published: 27/Sep/2019 13:18 Updated: 4/May/2020 14:48

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer Kailey ‘KBubblez’ has claimed that Reddit has “ruined” her life and prompted her to cut down on streaming amid an emotional late-night broadcast. 

When it comes to livestreaming, unplanned moments and in-game highlights will usually end up as a clip that can be shared around the internet – be they positive or negative.

If its a negative clip that goes viral, streamers like KBubblez – who has over 100k followers on Twitch and prompted anger for her bad driving back in June – usually have to explain themselves. Yet, that can all have an adverse effect on a channel and person.


Twitter: KaileybubzKbubblez has over 100,000 followers on Twitch and 20,000 on Twitter.

During her September 26 stream, the IRL streamer was emotionally talking to viewers about her Twitch channel – becoming emotional when talking about a lack of content, having haters, and not attending TwitchCon while everybody else was.

Some viewers piled on with the trolling, spamming negative comments, while some fans tried to lift her up, telling her to ignore the trolls and outsiders. “Ignore the haters, I know, but it’s just like – you literally don’t understand how bad it sucks, like, especially like I don’t know,” she said, before losing her train of thought.


The streamer carried on, dissecting the downturn in her channel and explaining that she didn’t ‘deserve’ the support that fans were giving her because she hadn’t been streaming. Again, though, the attention turned to the haters.

Some viewers told her to stay off Reddit if she sees negative comments about herself there, before the streamer explained why she can’t. “I want to be banned from Reddit,” she added.

“I feel like Reddit ruined my life. Like, I know I’m a really bad driver – or at least, that clip looked really bad, I think thats what started it all,” Kbubblez explained, referring to that infamous on-stream moment that went viral.


However, the word of her talking down the LivestreamFail subreddit and it’s users made it’s way over there within minutes, prompting further tears and frustration from the streamer.

“I’m on livestream fails already,” she said before checking it out. After a few moments of silence, she added: “Every time I’m on stream – and that’s why I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Despite that statement, KBubblez continued on with her broadcast for a few more hours, continuing to chat to viewers about their support and what she could do to turn her channel around.


Yet, it remains to be seen if she’ll be back streaming on a regular basis or if she’ll let the haters win and take a turn away from the platform.