Twitch streamer Kaceytron recognized in public during hilarious encounter

Kaceytron, Twitch / Docsity

As internet personalities gain more and more fame, it makes sense that they would start being recognized in public settings, as Twitch streamer Kaceytron discovered during a live broadcast.

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Kaceytron is known for her humorous gaming streams and gratuitous show of cleavage, appearing to embrace criticism surrounding her status as a female gamer.

However, Kaceytron doesn’t box herself inside the gaming genre; she likewise broadcasts IRL streams, during one of which she was recognized by passersby in a humorous interaction.

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Kaceytron, TwitchWhile Kaseytron is known for her gaming streams, she isn’t new to IRL broadcasts either, as seen in a hilarious clip of her interaction with fans.

Kacey was walking down a sidewalk at night when she passed by a boisterous group of men, who commented on her “selfie stick.”

“It’s not a fucking selfie stick,” she whispered to her stream in apparent annoyance.

She was quickly interrupted by a member of the group, who loudly yelled, “Are you Kaceytron?” from across the sidewalk.

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The rest of the gang joined in, with chants of “Kaceytron!” and assorted cheers – much to her embarrassment.

“Oh, god,” she laughed, giving the guys a friendly wave before walking away.

“What if I just took off running?” She jokingly asked her chat. “See, guys? I’m famous.”

Kaceytron, TwitterKaceytron called out Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR over Twitter just a few days prior to her hilarious on-stream encounter, criticizing him for body shaming model Corinna Kopf.
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Aside from her IRL run-in with fans, Kaceytron also spoke out against Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem on Twitter in early March, who came under fire for “body shaming” Instagram model Corinna Kopf in late February.

The streamer called KEEMSTAR a “disgusting, misogynistic piece of trash” for his comments in response to Kopf’s tweet, noting the KEEMSTAR had covered the swatting of her home on Christmas Eve – in spite of her attempts at damage control.

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