Twitch streamer JOEYKAOTYK goes viral confronting racist stranger in Paris IRL stream

IRL Twitch streamer JOEYKAOTYK yells to camera about racist bystanderTwitch: JOEYKAOTYK

Popular Twitch streamer ‘JOEYKAOTYK’ was left furious after chasing after a ‘cowardly’ bystander who called him a slur during his Paris IRL livestream.

With 129k followers on Twitch, JOEYKAOTYK has amassed a strong fanbase thanks to his entertaining adventures through his IRL streams.

However, there have been some distressing moments caught during Joey’s broadcasts. In August 2021, for instance, he confronted a racist passer-by who mocked him for his Asian ethnicity.

Sadly, an all-too-similar situation happened again for Joey as he was walking through the streets of Paris when a bystander used a slur against him as they passed him. Yet, he made sure to call them out.

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JOEYKAOTYK chases after racist stranger during stream

As part of his Paris IRL streams, Joey has been sightseeing around the capital and taken his viewers along for the journey. On July 22, he reached the Porte Saint-Denis when a passer-by uttered a slut at him.

Joey quickly turned around and asked the stranger what they said. After receiving no response, he then pursued the unknown individual as they quickly walked down the street.

As the bystander ignored his calls, Joey chased after them, shouting: “Oh, you scared, huh? That’s what I thought. Next time you say that to an Asian guy make sure you f**king remember this moment, bro. That’s right. You make people look bad in France, dumb f**k.”

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As the stranger disappeared, Joey turned to the camera to vent his frustration calling anyone who uses such abusive language “cowards.”

Viewers were just as appalled by the moment after it appeared on Reddit with many calling the bystander’s behavior “disgusting” and “pathetic.”

However, many heaped praise on Joey for calling out the individual and for remaining “super level-headed” throughout the confrontation.

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