Twitch streamer Jinny brutally roasts fan accusing her of "bullying" - Dexerto

Twitch streamer Jinny brutally roasts fan accusing her of “bullying”

Published: 27/Mar/2020 20:48

by Virginia Glaze


IRL Twitch streamer “Jinnytty” has become one of the platform’s most popular broadcasters — but online fame comes with some difficulties, as she found out after being accused of “bullying” one of her viewers.

Jinny is best known for her quick-witted sense of humor, collaborations with other streamers, and hilarious shenanigans on her livestreams, which have skyrocketed her to an impressive 266k followers on Twitch.

However, some of these followers can be a bit toxic, as evidenced by a surprising donation message Jinny received during a March 26 “Just Chatting” broadcast.

yyj0728, Instagram
Twitch streamer Jinnytty is one of the platform’s most popular IRL streamers.

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According to the donator, it seems that Jinny had thrashed their friend over an offensive joke, which the donator labeled as “bullying” — an odd accusation, considering that they completely misspelled her name as “Jonny.”


“You realize that your viewers have feelings too, Jinny?” they wrote. “You’re bullying random people you have never met on a daily basis just because they make a small joke. You called one of my friends a ‘loser ass’ once and he cried for the rest of the day. Stop it Jonny.”

Needless to say, Jinny couldn’t take their comment seriously and encouraged the viewer to tell their offended friend to put their emotions in check.

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“He cries because he’s such a soy and a loser at the same time,” she fired back. “Tell him to man up and stop being a wuss, like a little s**t.”


However, she quickly clarified that she was just yanking the donator’s chain, reminding her audience that her “toxic” jokes were merely good-natured roasts and that she appreciates all of her viewers.

“Just kidding!” she announced “Everything I do to you guys, all the things that I say, I’m just kidding. I love all of you so much. That’s why [I don’t even have] a boyfriend, I just dedicate myself to you guys. …everything I say, all the toxic things to you guys, that’s all just kidding.”

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Either way, the interaction certainly made for a hilarious moment — and a healthy reminder to Jinny’s fans that her harmless roasts are just her way of joking around with them.


Considering the other humorous hijinks that have risen from her broadcasts, there’s no telling what this roast-master will pull off next.