Twitch streamer Jericho feeds dog raw salmon, Google immediately makes him regret it


Twitch star Tucker ‘JERICHO’ Boner accidentally fed his dog raw salmon live on stream, moments before his Google assistant warned him not to.

The streamer, who has over 1.1 million followers on the platform, was entertaining his viewers with a cooking stream on June 30 – a change from the regular content he produces on Twitch.

However, while preparing his food, he was joined by his dog Grizzwald, who was naturally intrigued by the various ingredients. Boner asked his Google assistant on multiple occasions on what food could be given to the pooch but enquired too late after feeding him raw salmon.

INSTAGRAM:JERICHOGrizzwald is a fan favorite on Jericho’s channel.

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As he waited patiently for his snack, Jericho joked that his dog had “better table manners than half of chat” in a subtle dig at his viewers.

However, they would have the last laugh after the streamer queried his Google Home device as to whether raw salmon was safe to feed to his pet.

His assistant replied: “Do not ever give your dog raw and undercooked salmon,” prompting Jericho to quickly turn and shout “spit it out, give it back! Throw it up!”

The popular YouTuber rued his mistake, quickly fearing the consequences of feeding his dog the raw fish.

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Jericho said: “He’s going to shit so much. Dropping logs. It’s going to be a running river. That’s going to be such a pain in the ass.”

Despite potentially harming his companion, he offered to make amends by feeding him cooked salmon once the stream was over.

Thankfully, it’s highly unlikely that Grizzwald would be adversely affected by the food, given the small amount he was wrongly fed.

In the future, Jericho may wish to consult his virtual assistant before, and not after the fact.