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Twitch streamer Jericho baited into watching risqué clip

Published: 19/Jul/2019 13:47 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 11:04

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Tucker ‘JERICHO’ Boner was left red in the face after being baited into broadcasting a certain clip while livestreaming.

JERICHO, a YouTuber turned streamer, has taken his YouTube popularity and turned that into 1.1 million followers on Twitch, regularly broadcasting to thousands of fans on a daily basis.

When he’s not CS:GO, chatting to viewers, or even reacting to meme videos that his fans send into his subreddit. Yet, it was that subreddit that almost landed him in trouble with the livestreaming platform.

Instagram: iiJerichoiiThe popular YouTuber took his massive fanbase to Twitch.

During his July 18 stream, Boner had been scouring his PremiumInternet Reddit when he stumbled upon a bunch of ‘Ricardo Milos’ memes in different situations – including some which placed him into movies and television shows.


However one in particular, an Anime ‘leak’, took the streamers interest despite its own warning. Of course, he took a few moments to watch it for himself before deciding it was safe enough to stream.

Yet, as he watched on, with the clip staying safe enough, the risk element came into play as the body in the meme grabbed their crotch, leaving Jericho to scream his lungs out and quickly scroll down away from the video.

After laughing about what he had just seen, the streamer finally offered up some words. “Thank God you paused. That’s why it was marked not safe for work, huh,” he stated.


Of course, being shocked by what he had just seen, and perhaps fearing a suspension of some sort from Twitch, the streamer turned his attention to his chat – wondering if any of them were thinking about reporting the moment. “You guys cool? You’re all cool, right?” he asked. “No narcs, right? No narcs?”

Despite that brief flub, Boner carried on his stream for another few hours and avoided any more slip-ups.

He’s probably unlikely to face any repercussions on the livestreaming platform, but it should serve as a word of warning to not broadcast risky clips regardless of how harmless they may start out.