Twitch streamer indefinitely banned over cartoon emotes

Streamer banned for emotesTwitter/Jessicafrndz

Twitch streamer ‘Jessica49’ was left completely bewildered after the site permanently banned her for her emotes and she has no idea which one was responsible.

2022 has been a wild one for Twitch users so far. In addition to Pokimane being suspended over DMCA issues, there have been a number of bans that have made headlines.

For one, a streamer was shortly banned for saying he wanted to “destroy heterosexuals” at Mario Kart. And in another case, a moderator for HeyImBee was banned for a week for making a “year mom” joke in chat.

Now, another streamer had been hit with a permanent ban over her emotes and it’s confusing her and viewers quite a bit.

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Twitch streamer confused over emote ban

Speaking with Dexerto, Jessica49 believes that three of her emotes could be responsible for the ban – but has no way to know for sure.

“I believe the main reason behind the ban was the emotes as stated in the email I received,” she said. “But during the subathon I was hosting we noticed Twitch staff in the chat.”

The email in question from Twitch states that her emote violation was “severe,” but doesn’t say which one of her emotes was the culprit.

“I’m pretty sure it’s the middle finger one and the simp one. But I am not entirely sure,” she added. “People are saying I also could have been banned for this running emote. It’s been really popular in my Twitch chat and Discord which is usually used to express running away it’s usually a gif and could have been the reason I got banned.”

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It’s rare to see streamers banned permanently over emotes, especially when it was a first offense, so it’s unclear what Twitch’s reasoning was. Indefinite bans mean that Twitch has not set a date for the suspension to end.

In any case, Jessica is trying to appeal the decision or at the very least, determine what emote was the problem.

Twitch doesn’t comment on individual bans so it will be interesting to see how this incident develops.