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Twitch streamer in tears after sexual assault during Bangkok IRL stream

Published: 27/May/2021 16:40

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer was sexually assaulted while roaming the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, during an IRL stream on Thursday, May 27.

IRL streams often bring out the weirder side of humanity, but unfortunately, it also provides an insight into the hardships some people have to face on a daily basis.

In the past, we’ve seen streamers’ cameras completely destroyed by angry strangers and being robbed by random passers-by.

Perhaps making for the toughest viewing, though, and something that definitely isn’t a one-off is this IRL streamer literally being assaulted while walking around Bangkok in broad daylight.

Tallulah Awkwards_Travel Twitch on boat
Instagram: awkwardstravel
Awkwards_Travel’s Tallulah has been documenting her journey across Thailand.

Tallulah, better known as Awkwards_Travel on Twitch, regularly documents her travels and has most recently been streaming her journey around Thailand.


During a May 27 stream, Tallulah was simply walking down the road when a man could be seen in the camera, following her and staring at her. Tallulah hadn’t noticed.

In the clip, the stranger then speeds up and grabs her from behind while walking past, causing a horrified Tallulah to shriek in fear and scream at her assaulter to “stop it.”

Warning: The following clip makes for distressing viewing

The man walks off pretending that nothing has happened, leaving a completely shocked Tallulah to try and gather her thoughts.

After a few moments, she walks off in tears, confirming to viewers that he “touched her” after someone asks whether her wallet was stolen.


Through the tears, she apologizes to her Twitch viewers for what happened but manages to keep the stream rolling and put it behind her. She posted a tweet following the incident, saying that she “won’t be streaming tomorrow” as she’s going to the police to report the crime.

She said: “It’s gonna be traumatic but I must, to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other girls. Or anyone else!”

Hopefully, the man is found and the appropriate punishment is handed out.