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Twitch streamer in tears after finally completing 17-day, 200 mile walk across Korea

Published: 3/Jan/2022 13:14

by Jacob Hale


A small Twitch streamer burst into tears on the streets of Busan, after completing a 200-mile walk across South Korea, having livestreamed the process for 17 days.

Many streamers attempt to complete crazy challenges during their livestreams, be it in the respective games they play or wider afield.

For example, subathons have become hugely popular especially since Ludwig’s insanely successful 31-day stint in April 2021.

Livestreaming your ventures has become wildly popular in recent years, and this streamer wanted to showcase their journey between two of South Korea’s largest cities.

seoul to busan journey on google maps
Google Maps
The trip from Seoul to Busan spans across the entire country.

Twitch streamer Sseugsang started his journey on December 17, 2021, pledging to walk all the way from Seoul to Busan, which works out at just over 200 miles of walking.


After going live every day to document his journey, Sseugsang finally reached Busan on Monday, January 3, crying after completing the impressive feat, sounding both relieved and exhilarated that it was finally done.

He broke down, celebrating by reaching the beach and hopping into the sea, before finally ending the stream while relaxing on the sand.

The streamer averaged just under 12 miles a day during his 17-day journey, which compares roughly to the distance from New York to Boston.

It looks like this streamer won’t be rushing to do this walk again any time soon — maybe driving or flying would be a bit more efficient in the future.