Twitch streamer in tears after being forcefully kissed by random stranger

Michael Gwilliam
quitelola crying after being kissed

An IRL Twitch streamer was left in tears after a complete stranger kissed her out of nowhere during a broadcast where she was touring Germany.

IRL Twitch streams have become one of the highlights of the Amazon-owned platforms. Home of travels, adventures, and all sorts of real-life shenanigans, these broadcasts offer some of the best content the site has to offer.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with some dangers. While venturing into the real world can be scary for some, doing so with a camera can sometimes put a target on your back and that seems to be the case for streamer ‘quiteLola.’

During a January 6 broadcast from Düsseldorf, Germany, the Twitch streamer broke down after a random man forced his lips onto her without any warning or consent.

Twitch streamer breaks down after stranger kisses her

While the VOD has since been deleted, clips from quiteLola’s stream still remain and showcase a disturbing incident and it seems like there could be more that has since been lost.

In the first clip, Lola explained how her evening had been “ruined” by people being “mean” before a stranger showed up to say hi to the camera.

“I hold it. You can say hello, but I hold it,” Lola said to the man who then started kissing her completely out of nowhere. “F**king hell, don’t touch me! It’s not a f**king joke, don’t touch me!”

Then in a second clip spreading on Reddit, the streamer breaks down in tears, crying about how she had to leave the area over the incident.

“Why do I always have to be the one that’s leaving? Just because I’m a woman I have to go somewhere else when there are weirdos around?” she rhetorically asked. “I’m just tired of this sh*t. I’m tired of some stupid guys ruining my stream.”

It’s unclear what else could have unfolded between the clips and prior to them, but on Reddit, some users have claimed that a man showed her a photo of his privates earlier on in the stream.

Hopefully, Lola can get some help and action is taken against the individual who touched her without consent. On the bright side, the streamer has since gone live again following the unwanted kiss, so it seems like she is doing okay and trying to keep her spirits high.