Twitch streamer Melina in hysterics after waves of IRL stream snipers hijack broadcast

Melina IRL streamerMelina

Twitch streamer Melina was streaming in Paris and had an interaction with viewers who were in her vicinity, making her crack up with laughter as they responded to her questions.

Melina Goranson has gained a following for her adventurous Twitch streams where she’s out and about traveling the world. On August 7, Melina was out in Paris.

It can be dangerous for streamers that stream in real life, as it can be quite unpredictable. Luckily for Melina, she ended up having a wholesome interaction with her fans. A clip of her stream went viral after she was close by to some viewers as she was outside in Paris.

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Fun in France

Melina’s name can be heard being screamed by a handful of people off-screen. “Wait, where are they screaming my name”? Melina says as she searches for her screaming fans.

“There’s been so many people screaming my name today” she tells her audience as she grinned happily.

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“Wait, if you guys still are watching, are you guys Dutch? Are you from the Netherlands? Because they’re saying in chat that they are. Is that true?” Melina asks, as her fans off-screen can be heard going wild, indicating they are in fact Dutch. This reaction made Melina crack up as lets them know she’ll actually be traveling to Amsterdam soon, which is the capital of the Netherlands.

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Instagram: melina.goransson
Melina has become a popular Twitch streamer through streaming her traveling adventures.

After Melina lets her fans know she’ll see them over in the Netherlands, she gets a final shout from her fans, leading her to laughter one final time. It’s possible a reunion between her and these fans is poised to happen when she arrives.

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