Twitch streamer in disbelief as her student from 10 years ago finds her stream

Jacob Hale
twitch streamer miyu with twitch logo in background
Twitch: Alchemy

A Twitch streamer was absolutely mindblown when one of her former students from a decade ago arrived in her stream.

Twitch is home to broadcasters from a plethora of backgrounds, places, and career paths, far from just being a place for talented gamers to show off their gameplay.

Not only that, but it’s also become a great place to bring people together. Communities, friendships and relationships have been formed on Twitch through hundreds of top streamers.

More of a rarity, though, is streamers being reunited with people they knew in years past — especially when those people are a teacher and a student.

During a stream, one half of the Alchemy duo, Miyu, saw one viewer in her chat reveal that she was their homeroom teacher years ago, to which a surprised Miyu asked who it was and confirm that she was, in fact, their teacher from 10 years ago.

She then sought to catch the viewer out by asking what class they were in and, when they said the exact class, Miyu was absolutely gobsmacked.

“Oh f**k!” she exclaimed. “It’s my student, it’s my f**king student! 10 years ago I used to teach high school … He’s watching my stream! Get the f**k out of my stream!”

Clearly baffled by the experience but enjoying herself, amazed at the fact a former student was now watching her on Twitch, Miyu spoke a little about her former life as a teacher and jokingly asked the student whether they were a billionaire yet.

Suffice to say, Miyu was gobsmacked that she had been discovered by her former students from Malaysia, but was nothing short of absolutely delighted to have them appear in her stream.