Twitch streamer stunned as IHOP worker told to turn down $400 tip

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Twitch streamer ScaryCheese tried giving a $400 tip to an employee at IHOP, only for the worker to be told they weren’t allowed to accept it.

The topic of tipped wages in the United States has persisted for years on end. In many cases, tipped workers may earn a base pay lower than the state minimum wage.

To combat the issue, customers who visit establishments such as restaurants or bars are encouraged to tip generously. Even robotic servers have begun receiving hefty tips.

But it seems limits have been put in place under certain circumstances, based on one Twitch streamer’s experience at an IHOP.

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IHOP employee couldn’t accept big tip from Twitch streamer

While attempting to tip an IHOP server with $400, content creator ScaryCheese was told the employee wasn’t allowed to accept it.

“They’re not gonna allow me to even get that,” the worker said after speaking with a supervisor. The Twitch streamer then asked for the max tip amount that servers can receive.

Upon learning of the $250 max, ScaryCheese offered to split the $400 tip across two separate service checks. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end.

The full encounter doesn’t play out in the above Twitch clip; however, Reddit user boltactionmike watched through to the end and said ScaryCheese ultimately paid the tip in cash.

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After the streamer left to get cash from an ATM and returned, the worker explained that someone previously received a $10,000 tip that a customer later contested. 

The company, thus, had to cover the tip itself, resulting in restrictions concerning when patrons tip via credit or debit. At the very least, it’s good to know the IHOP server received the gratuity offered in full.