Twitch streamer humiliated after driving in walking lane and yelling at pedestrians

jaystreazy drives in walk lane on twitchTwitch/jaystreazy

Twitch streamer Jaystreazy was traveling around the German city of Bonn and started yelling at pedestrians for being in the bike lane while he himself was actually in the wrong lane himself.

IRL Twitch streams have become quite popular with many streamers documenting their travels across the world with hundreds of viewers watching them conquer new locations.

Thanks to advanced cameras and technology, streamers have been able to share first-person perspectives of their travels including when they get around on vehicles.

During an August broadcast, streamer Jaystreazy was trying to get to an area and used what he thought to be a bike lane, resulting in quite an embarrassing situation when he realized his mistake.

Twitch streamer scooters in wrong lane and yells at walkers

As the streamer drove his scooter to his destination, a pedestrian could be seen walking up ahead leading to a near-head on collision that could have been extremely dangerous.

Although no one was hit, that didn’t stop Jaystreazy from delivering some choice words to the man he felt was in the wrong.

“Motherf**ker didn’t even move. Did you see that? He tried to act so badass and cool,” he said while approaching another pedestrian off to the side. “He’s in my bike lane!”

Unfortunately for Jay, however, he soon realized that he was the one in the wrong lane and he was yelling at people for walking where they were supposed to.

jaystreazy in wrong laneTwitch/jaystreazy
Jay had no idea he was really in the wrong lane.

“Oh wait, I’m in the walking lane. Oh, sh*t!” he exclaimed.

It will be interesting to see if Twitch takes action against Jay’s dangerous driving given previous incidents. Back in 2020, popular Twitch star Jinny was banned for reckless driving on a scooter.

Even fellow IRL sensation JakeNBake was suspended for being on his phone in a car he wasn’t even driving.

Despite the error, Jay remarked how it was “dangerous to walk alone with a scooter coming at you 20 miles an hour” and insisted that the pedestrian should still have moved.