Twitch streamer hits out after getting month-long ban by “mistake”

Virginia Glaze
Velvet_7, Twitch

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of live streaming sites like Twitch, more and more online personalities are taking the net by storm – but as the magnifying glass centers on Twitch, so also does it focus on the site’s controversies.

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Popular Twitch streamer “Velvet_7” is at the center of one such controversy, after getting hit with an indefinite ban from the platform in late August.

While Velvet had previously been banned in May for “sexually suggestive content,” the streamer explained that she took great efforts to wear appropriate clothing and switch up the variety of her streams – but these changes didn’t help, resulting in another ban for the same reasons three months later.

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Five weeks went by without Velvet getting any communication from Twitch about her indefinite ban, leaving the streamer without the chance to collaborate with other streamers ahead of her trip to Korea and forcing her to rely on other methods of income.

However, it seems that her suspension was merely a mistake by Twitch staff, as told by an email Velvet posted to Twitter on September 25.

According to the email, Velvet’s account had been blocked due to a “mistake” on Twitch’s part, with the sender apologizing for “any inconvenience or confusion this might have caused.”

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The streamer went live that same day to discuss the matter with her fans, claiming that she’d gone five weeks without any income from Twitch and admitting that she’d lost nearly all her subscribers due to the ban.

“From that, I lost many, many things,” she explained. “So I’m not sure if they’re gonna try to apologize with something like benefits for me, because for five weeks I couldn’t stream. I didn’t get any payment. Right now, my subscribers [are] almost all gone.”

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Velvet’s month-long “mistake” ban follows a slew of controversial moderation decisions from Twitch, with one streamer getting banned for showing a Pink Floyd poster during another streamer’s broadcast while others have received permabans for unexplained “fraudulent charges.”

Velvet_7, Instagram
Twitch streamer Velvet_7 was banned from the site for five weeks over a “mistake.”
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Although Velvet has regained use of her account, she has gone five weeks without her regular income – a massive detriment to any worker for any business.