Twitch streamer hit by car while riding bike during Japan IRL stream

JoshuinjapanInstagram: Joshuinjapan

Japanese-based Twitch streamer Joshu was hit by a car while riding his bike during a recent IRL stream in Tokyo and was quick to update his fans on his health afterward.

IRL Twitch streams have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with creators streaming from their hometowns or even traveling out of the country.

However, they don’t always go as planned. In the past, creators have been chased through public areas and even bitten by a random child.

During a recent stream, Japan-based Joshu was hit by a car during his IRL stream while riding his bike and was quick to update his fans on his health afterward.

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Joshu hit by a car while cycling in Japan

After his stream, Joshu posted a clip of the accident on his Twitter profile. In the video, you can see Joshu riding on the road behind the car before the incident took place.

Seconds later, the car began indicating his turn and Joshu ran into the driver’s door, breaking the side view mirror in the process.

He then got up and stumbled for a few feet before falling to the ground in obvious pain.

He also updated fans about his health on Twitter, stating that he got an x-ray at the hospital and is okay.

Worried fans were also quick to respond to his clip.

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“Oh god TT, I’m glad you’re okay Josh,” one user replied.

Another fan commented: “That was hard to watch. Glad you’re okay though.”

A third fan said: “Yikes~ At least the guy came out and asked if you needed an ambulance instead of just leaving.”

Luckily the Twitch streamer is a-ok, and fans will likely see him back on his stream sooner than later. For more news and other viral stories, head over to our hub.