Twitch streamer hilariously trolls phone scammers with incredible results

by Virginia Glaze
Kitboga, Twitch / Freepik


Thanks to Twitch’s enormous user base, viewers never really know what they’re going to find as they scroll through the livestreaming platform: users can stumble upon everything from slight-of-hand tricks to fortune telling, and, in this case, scam callers getting a proverbial “run for their money.”

Popular Twitch streamer ‘Kitboga’ isn’t like any other streamer on the platform: rather than broadcasting gameplay or giving viewers an “IRL” look into his daily routine, he gets his kicks out of trolling scammers, who hope to take advantage of unsuspecting victims by using a variety of tactics to pilfer their hard-earned cash.


Despite their wily ways, Kitboga isn’t letting them get the better of him: instead, he uses the guise of various “personas,” taking on the roles of elderly women, southern gentlemen, and other such disguises using a voice filter to give scammers the run-around in hilarious live streams that almost always end in a big reveal.

Kitboga unveiled one such reveal during a stream on June 26, where he asked a scam caller if she’d gotten the idea to swindle him out of money from the very issue she was attempting to “protect” him from - while still in the guise of an older woman.


“It destroys lives, it really does,” Kitboga said in a sympathetic tone. “Trying to take all that stuff. Is that where you got the idea to do this?”

Kitboga even tricked another scammer into reading his obviously bogus statement about bank transfer “refunds” on their website, which he’d edited to include such phrases as “the simplest, easiest, laziest, most awesome, godliest, cutest,” etc.

“How have you not hung up on me?” he laughed, awed that the scammer hadn’t noticed the changes to their website.


Kitboga likewise uploads some of his best moments to YouTube, which includes one of his “elderly lady” personas being screamed at by an “IRS lawsuit” scammer over a $300 amount, among other such debacles.


The streamer claims that he loves “hearing lies fall apart” - a pastime that his audience likewise enjoys, as Kitboga has reached over 300,000 followers on Twitch and 285,000 subscribers on YouTube in a two-year span.

With Kitboga streaming on a near-daily basis, there are bound to be even more wacky moments in his future broadcasts,  thanks to his witty humor, high-quality production value, and downright hilarious “disguises.”