Twitch streamer has hilarious reaction to viewer's question

by Virginia Glaze


Thanks to Twitch’s status as one of the net’s most popular livestreaming platforms, the site gives viewers a near-constant influx of hilarious and unexpected moments - including one streamer’s humorous interaction with an overly enthusiastic fan.

IRL Twitch streamer ‘Kiaraakitty’ was broadcasting her nighttime walk in a city when she received an unusual question from one of her viewers, who asked if it was “disrespectful” to get their rocks off to the streamer, so to speak.

Rather than ignoring the fan’s question or dismissing it as inappropriate, Kiaraa opted to engage their request, giving them a hilarious answer that left the rest of the Twitch chat in stitches.

Kiaraakitty, Instagram
Kiaraakitty, Instagram
Popular IRL Twitch streamer 'Kiaraakitty' is known for being savage - but her response to a viewer's question left the chat in stitches.

“Is it disrespectful to f*p to you?” Kiaraa read with a smile. “No! It’s not disrespectful to f*p to me, but remember to use a tissue box, and clean yourself up - and maybe take a shower, too.”

Despite her seemingly encouraging message to the viewer, her following statement appeared to clown on him in a scathing way- an insult that she delivered with a wide smile.

“It’s not disrespectful at all,” she continued. “It’s okay. Keep doing what you’re good at. I’m very proud of you.”


This is far from the first time a female streamer has received an inappropriate message from her viewers; popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has likewise been the target of unwanted advances throughout her career on the platform, and similarly knows how to put such fans in their places.

Pokimane was in the middle of a stream in mid-March when a donator asked a leading question about the dress she was wearing, prompting her to dunk on the viewer by mocking his inquiry.

“Hey, can we see the back of the outfit?” Poki hit back. “Is there a zipper? Wait, do you have a zipper on your underwear? What if you turn a 180 and bend over? Is there any additional design in between your legs?”

Pokimane has even been hit on by actual children, with one young Fortnite Battle Royale player infamously making inappropriate comments toward the streamer - which ultimately ended in his apology.