Twitch Streamer Hides After Hearing Gunshots Outside His House

A Twitch streamer suddenly felt themselves in immediate danger after hearing multiple gunshots outside his home, which he later concluded came from the neighbors house next door.

Twitch streamer by the name ‘IMissedMyQ’ was live playing popular video game League of Legends on June 19th, minding his own business, before the shots were fired.

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It is unknown how many viewers the streamer had at the time of the incident but given he has over 1000 followers on the site and a number of subscribers, there was likely a crowd watching on.

Thankfully the streamer wasn’t harmed, but he did clearly get a shock, before running into the next room to hide.

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Unfortunately due to the music and sound affects from the game, it can be slightly difficult to make out the gunshots on the stream audio.

But, at around 17 seconds into the clip, it sounds like six shots are fired in total which immediately startle the streamer, dropping to the ground before running out of the room.

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A few moments later, the streamer returns to the room and explains to his viewers that he was not trolling and that indeed it was gunshots, coming from the neighbors “next door”.

Shortly after this he completely shuts the stream off, likely just due to being unsettled, although it is unclear if anyone was hurt due to the incident.

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He later took to Twitter to leave a short message explaining his neighbors had had “a gunfight”.

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IMissedMyQ himself said he was fine, and will hopefully be back to streaming for his fans soon.

As for the gunfight incident, we may never know what that was all about, who knows maybe they were just testing they worked and decided to give the entire block a good scare.