Twitch streamer Hasan slams desk in anger reacting to “liar” Destiny

Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker is known across Twitch for his studied political insight, but the popular streamer has shown his frustrations amid the dispute between Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell II and Mychal ‘Trihex’ Jefferson.

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Destiny and Trihex are the two pillars of the DT Podcasts, where the pair discuss the latest ongoings in a range of topics, from gaming to politics (and everything in between). However, the pair are currently in a dispute, after Destiny admitted that he privately used racial slurs

Subsequent to the altercation, Destiny defended his use of racial slurs by labeling race as a “social construct”, while acknowledging his ethnic origin in light of those who are permitted to use the such language based solely upon their ethnic origin.

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Destiny (Twitch)Destiny welcomed “all challengers” on his subreddit.
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Given the heat and traction of the pair’s feud, HasanAbi caught wind of the situation and gave his two cents as Destiny brought Hasan into their quarrel while attempting to defend himself. 

Destiny opened by stating: “Nothing I do, is performative. So, I’m not going to (for instance) – I’ll use Hasan, as an example – I’m not going to talk to a black person like Trihex and say: ‘Hey, the n-word, it’s always…” before Hasan slammed his fist on his desk to express his aggravation.

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Piker proceeded to vent in disbelief, as he exasperated: “What a f**king liar, dude! What a f**king weaselly little liar, dude!”

He then went on to address the camera directly, as he prompted his chat: “Can someone at least f**king enlighten Destiny that he’s literally lying to his audience… What a f**king piece of sh*t, dude.”

Destiny (having recognized Hasan’s reaction) then issued his thoughts on-stream, by seemingly jeering Piker’s endeavors while scrutinizing his Reddit activity. 

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As Bonnell peered over Reddit, he reacted with a somewhat ironic undertone: “What a hero… He’s taking hits, boys, but he’s still posting, he’s still debating online… He’s still fighting in the trenches!” Destiny then finished his tirade by exclaiming: “What a goddamn warrior…”

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The spat comes after the trio were banned from Twitch in August under DMCA claims, after streaming a democratic debate on Twitch. Following the issues that have ensued, the next installments of the DT Podcasts have been canceled until further notice.