Twitch streamer has restraining order filed against them after allegedly harassing ex-fiance

Twitch: Sushia

Twitch streamer Sushia appears to have had a restraining order filed against her after allegedly harassing her ex-fiance over a banking mistake. 

Warning: Some readers may find aspects of the following article distressing.

Streamer Darius IRL revealed his ex-fiance, fellow streamer Sushia, allegedly threatened to harm him over a misunderstanding that Darius was stealing money from her. Before long, the situation was seemingly resolved as it boiled down to a mistake on the bank’s part, but Darius has allegedly moved to file a restraining order because of the subsequent threats. 

In several leaked messages and a recorded phone call between him and Sushia, she can be heard threatening to harm Darius. In the text messages, she can also be seen telling Darius to kill himself. 

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“Do you honestly want me to call the police?” he can be heard asking Sushia in the recording. “No, I know you won’t. I want to go there and f***ing beat your ass,” Sushia replied. 

Darius was the one who cleared the mistake by the bank, but Sushia allegedly was still harassing him after the situation was behind them, prompting him to file a restraining order against her.

He also claimed she gave him an STD scare after arguing she had allegedly cheated on him while they were in a relationship.

Darius also posted a series of leaked messages between the two where she admitted to the possibility of having one such STD and possibly passing it on to him during their relationship. She then revealed she was cheating on Darius with one of his friends. 

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Darius admitted he reacted angrily but never threatened her physically in the text messages. He would go on to confirm he does not have an STD.

As of writing this, Sushia has deleted her Twitter amidst the alleged filing of a restraining order, and Darius remains active on his social media. Currently, Sushia’s Twitch account still remains active, however.

If you’re suffering from domestic abuse, contact information for help is below:

  • US: 1-800-799-7233
  • CA: 1-866-863-0511
  • UK: 0808 2000 247