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Twitch streamer has crazy reaction to 2.5k viewer raid

Published: 18/Sep/2020 12:26

by Georgina Smith


Streamer duck_7 had the craziest reaction on September 17 when another streamer raided her and sent 2.5k viewers her way, screaming with happiness and shock at the unexpected gesture.

Raiding refers to the act of a creator sending their viewers at the end of a stream to a smaller streamer’s channel to surprise them, and help grow their community. It always comes as a surprise but the raider is never quite certain of the reaction they will receive.

In August popular streamer Mizkif was left red-faced after he sent hordes of viewers to a smaller creator thinking she was a coloring book streamer, only for her to reveal that she actually produces adult content (though she seemed grateful for the viewers nonetheless.)


On this occasion, streamer KrustingKevin who has just under 20,000 subscribers was finishing up his stream helping out at a rescue zoo, and told followers he would raid someone after the stream.

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Raiding is a popular thing to do at the end of a stream on Twitch.

That someone ended up being 2000 follower streamer duck_7, who’s expression went from deadpan to elated in a split second when she saw viewers pouring into her chat.

“Let’s go, let’s get it!” she screamed, jumping back in her chair. “2000 what? 1000, 2000, what?” She picked up handfuls of fake cash and threw them in the air screaming “this is my chance!”

She didn’t stop there, also jumping on her bed and pretending to swim, kicking a pillow, and throw herself on the ground in excitement, and to make the most of the opportunity to show her personality and draw in more followers.


The chat was decidedly confused but entertained, people saying things like “what are we watching?” and “we broke her.” But it seems that this kind of reaction isn’t out of the norm, as in her Nightbot introduction she said: “I’m Duck7, half Korean half duck. If you are here to relax you are in the wrong stream” describing the craziness as her “regular” self.

She thanked her new viewers in both English and Korean after the initial reaction was out of the way, and eventually panned down to the money on the floor saying “I gotta pick these up or my mom’s gonna whoop my a**.”


The clip of the awesome reaction now has over 60,000 views on Twitch, so it’s safe to say that duck_7’s electric personality has got people interested in seeing more.