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Twitch streamer has calmest reaction to massive spider crawling on her

Published: 16/Oct/2020 17:59

by Alice Hearing


An IRL twitch streamer was live-streaming a chat with her viewers when a huge spider crawled onto her jacket and she didn’t even flinch – at all.

Most people are completely terrified of spiders, let alone huge specimens, but 22-year-old Swedish streamer Melina didn’t even seem to notice when one appeared partway through her stream of her walking around Copenhagen in Denmark.


Viewers were completely horrified to see a yellow-orange spider made its way up the side of her jacket and disappeared behind the collar and into her hair.

Melina noticed comments a little later in the stream warning her that a spider was on her somewhere, and instead of screaming she merely giggled and said “I’m not scared of it.”

Instagram: melina.goransson
Melina said she thought spiders were beautiful

She didn’t even go to shake it off until users persuaded her. When she finally took off her jacket, Melina could be heard nonchalantly saying “Oh I see it, oh my god it’s huge,” and filmed it scuttling away.

Viewers of the stream were far more terrified from behind a computer, expressing their horror, typing “burn it!” and speculating as to whether it was pregnant. One viewer even added, “If you weren’t streaming, you’d never know.” But Melina simply just said, “I think spiders are beautiful, I like them.”

The nightmare fuel clip was posted to Reddit shortly after where users were shocked at how calm Melina was considering the size of the arachnid. One person wrote, “I did one of those waking up from a nightmare gasps and instantly closed the tab.” Another user added, “I’ve never cringed so hard in my life. The way it crawls up her collar.”


Will Melina become an IRL spider woman? Superhero or not, we can only dream of acting this calm when faced with a terrifying insect.


Twitch streamer blows $5k on Genshin Impact: “It’s a learning experience”

Published: 16/Oct/2020 18:00

by Georgina Smith


A Twitch streamer that spent thousands of dollars in free-to-play gacha game Genshin Impact has revealed that he now regrets the amount of money he spent on the endeavor, calling it a “mistake.”

Since its late September launch, miHoYo’s open world anime style game Genshin Impact has swept the internet, with millions of people downloading the game and exploring the stunning landscape without having to spend a single penny.


However, Genshin Impact and games like it make their money via the means of a ‘gacha’ mechanic, which relies on random pulls to obtain rare characters and collectible items.

While each player is given a certain amount of chances, or ‘wishes’ as they’re referred to in the game, to secure their favorite character, the odds of getting somebody you really want is incredibly slim. This leads to people spending real world money to increase their chances of in game loot and characters.

genshin impact open world
The action RPG has a massive open world with lots to see and do.

That’s just what streamer Lacari did, in one particularly expensive haul spending over $2000 to obtain the highly desired character Kequing.

Ask the total amount of money spent racked up he still had not achieved the result he wanted, but with one final plea to the heavens he eventually got the character he wanted.

However, it seems that since that stream, Lacari has had a certain amount of regret regarding just how much money he spent on the gacha game.


“The game, it’s a learning experience. I learned” he explain. “If I charge back that’s not gonna teach me anything. When you commit to something you commit, you know what I mean?”

Lacari went on to say that “the money I spent is my mistake. And it is gonna be with me for the rest of my life. It is gonna be with me for the rest of my life that I spent $5000 on this f**king game. Regardless of if people quit it next week, or tomorrow.”


“This is my mark of f**king shame dude, and I will bear that sh*t, and I will not spend another f**king dollar on games like this. We’re done. We’re free-to-play forever from now on.”


While it seems that the regret has not put him off playing the game altogether, it certainly seems to have put a damper on his views of the game’s divisive gacha mechanic.