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Twitch streamer goes viral hilariously mocking influencer crypto “scams”

Published: 5/Jul/2021 10:45 Updated: 5/Jul/2021 10:46

by Connor Bennett


Small Twitch streamer JuvX has gone viral after taking shots at the recent drama around influencers promoting crypto ‘scams’ to their fans while also using the jokes as a chance to promote his own channel.

With different crypto coins and meme stocks taking over the internet in the last few months, plenty of different influencers have gotten involved and hopped on the bandwagon.

Jake Paul filled his Twitter timeline with posts about different alt coins that he was buying up, and had to warn fans that he wasn’t giving out any financial advice.

FaZe Clan also found themselves in hot water after being accused of pumping and dumping a ‘Save the Children’ cryptocurrency, with FaZe ultimately dropped Kay as a result, as well as suspending Jarvis and others. The drama has left everyone open to being made the butt of the joke now too.


Three gold bitcoins laid out together
Unsplash: Dmitry Demidko
Bitcoin and other forms of crypto have taken over the internet.

Well, Twitch streamer JuvX took the opportunity to poke fun at the situation by giving a hilarious presentation on the ‘next big coin’ during his July 4 stream.

With everybody and their moth promoting these crypto scam coins, I’ve decided to give you guys the inside look at the next best coin,” the League of Legends content creator said as his presentation took a hilarious turn.

After he’d bigged up the positives about the coin he revealed that he was talking about the US Dollar, though, things took another twist when he labeled that a scam too. The only way to fight back against the scams, he said, was to subscribe to his Twitch channel.


As a result, the streamer’s clip has already gone viral on social media, shooting up to over 50,000 views.

It’s obviously a hilarious highlight, but it’s also a genius way to promote your Twitch channel, and the streamer should pick up a few new fans for his efforts.