Twitch streamer goes viral after sister interrupts stream by falling down stairs

Lawrence Scotti

Streamer BabblingBros went viral after a clip of his sister, who he was streaming with at the time, took a tumble down the stairs which interrupted the broadcast.

BabblingBros are pair of brothers who host variety streams on Twitch, live streaming everything from Among Us to Dark Souls.

On November 25, one of the brothers brought their sister on who was in town on holiday and decided to stream a dating app challenge.

Just moments before the viral fall, the pair were setting up each other’s profiles on Bumble and plotting on seeing who could make the most matches.

BabblingBros’ sister took a fall that went viral online.

Twitch streamer takes a tumble

Things on the stream took a turn when Babbling’s sister was coming down the stairs behind him and took a rough fall.

BabblingBros heard the fall behind him and swiftly got up to run over and see if his sister was okay. He said, “Oh, s**t! Are you okay?” She quickly responded, “I’m fine!”, and got up quite quickly.

Thankfully, she wasn’t injured and was able to walk back over to the streaming set up on her own accord.

Although the fall might’ve been a bit painful, the clip of her slipping instantly went viral and now has nearly 50,000 views on the BabblingBros Twitch channel.

For BabblingBros, who is a new content creator on Twitch, his sister might be the new star of the show after helping his page numbers skyrocket.