Twitch streamer gets his own G FUEL flavor after drinking it every day for a year

Alan Bernal
Mercanthony g fuel

A dedicated Twitch streamer is getting his own G FUEL flavor from the brand after drinking the energy products every day for a year.

Streamer Mercanthony has been on a quest to get his own flavor from the company. At first, the goal sounded like a pipe dream with infinite meme-potential but the “orange-haired ‘G FUEL kid’ from New Jersey,” as he describes himself, turned it into a reality.

“From today on, I’ll be drinking G FUEL every single day, which I already do, until I get a flavor,” he said when he embarked on the journey.

The company took notice of the 20-year-old’s adventure and planned a surprise to mark the 356th day of sticking to the plan. A day before the one-year anniversary, Merc wasn’t sure if G FUEL were even going to mark the feat with a flavor or anything.

365-day G FUEL challenge turns into new flavor

Sure enough, the company had driven the streamer to a video shoot. What looked like a profile piece quickly turned into a surprise announcement after they dropped the curtain on the reveal on October 30.

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Mercanthony’s new flavor is called Orange Cran’thony. The brand also set him up with a shaker cup in the streamer’s style and even a collector’s box.

“Not only has he [Mercanthony] been streaming and making videos since he was 10 years old,” the company’s description read. “But this orange-headed beast drank G FUEL for 365 days in a row! For that crowning achievement: we’re giving him his own new limited-edition G FUEL flavor — Orange Cran’thony.”

“This is literally my emote,” he said during the announcement. “I literally have an emote for this shaker. That’s so insane. There’s no way dude… Welcome to Day 1 of me drinking my own flavor.

“I don’t even have a way to put this into words. I just peaked. This is it.”

Mercanthony once put his G FUEL discount code as his senior yearbook quote and now fans can use it to get a flavor inspired from him.