Twitch streamer 'FooYa' finds creepy fantasy Discord about her

by Alan Bernal


Partnered Twitch streamer Danielle ‘FooYa’ made a disturbing discovery when she came across a Discord channel filled with violent fantasies aimed at her.

Twitch streamers routinely find themselves as the butt of a joke or the focus of a meme with their audiences. But a particular group of FooYa’s following are taking things way too far with derogatory fantasies about the streamer.


In an April 7 tweet, FooYa posted a screenshot of back and forth conversations between people in the Discord channel who were sharing alarming scenarios centered around the popular Twitch personality.

FooYa Instagram
FooYa Instagram
The cheery streamer was stunned when she found the Discord filled with strange stories about her.


As expected, FooYa was surprised at the discovery but seemed to take it in stride, saying: “Oh my god I just found a Discord about me and people are writing fantasies about me. WTF hahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA.”


The picture contains extremely disturbing text describing violent scenarios and fantasies about the streamer, with each story more graphic than the last.

FooYa Twitter
FooYa Twitter

Twitch streamer FooYa's reaction to finding the obscene Discord channel.

Twitch streamers react

Almost as soon as she posted the screen grab, various Twitch personalities in the community chimed in with their surprise and reactions to the bizarre photo.

Some even shared their similar stories of fans creating twisted fantasies about them using altered images and the like.


While FooYa agreed with Valkyrae’s assessment, she said that she would make a YouTube video of her reading them all if her tweet got 100 Retweets.

At the time of writing her tweet has garnered over 600 Retweets.

Should Twitch protect streamers more?

One commenter pointed to this situation as a prime example as to why streamer should have more control over the people who can or can’t view their content.


“Hey TwitchSupport this is why streamers should be able to ban users from watching the stream entirely, not just out of chat,” streamer ‘Sanguiphilia’ said.

Though the discovery highlights the darker side of Twitch’s lively community, FooYa won’t let it deter her from continuing her streams which are filled with positivity and humorous moments.