Twitch streamer flips out live after winning 10k from Friday Fortnite giveaway

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Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem’s celebrated Friday Fortnite tournament series has made its grand return, bringing with it a whopping $10,000 giveaway – which one streamer won during his own broadcast of the event.

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FaZe co-owner Ricky Banks announced the massive giveaway via his Twitter account on June 7, requiring entrants to like his Tweet on the subject and stay active in the Friday Fortnite stream chat for a chance at copping the cash.

Following the conclusion of Friday Fortnite’s final showdown, KEEMSTAR interrupted the trio of hosts to announce the giveaway winner – who he claimed was streaming at that very moment.

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As it so happens, Twitch streamer ‘GiiZTV’ was streaming a watch party for the event at the same time, who visibly perked up when KEEMSTAR mentioned this fact.

Of course, KEEMSTAR ended up announcing that GiiZTV was the winner – prompting a heartwarming reaction from the streamer, who threw his hands over his head in disbelief after shouting, “What?”

“No way!” he exclaimed, placing his hands over his mouth. “Holy shit! What the fuck?”

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GiiZTV even got a bit emotional at the news, letting out a few sobs before stating his plans for the cash – which included a charitable donation to one of his friends.

“I’m gonna give away a thousand to my friend,” GiiZTV stated. “He needs a PC to do his job. ….get him a setup, pay some bills.”

KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament also saw a hilarious pairing between Twitch star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, who brought a ton of laughs to viewers as they attempted to make their way through the fray.

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In fact, PewDiePie even pressed Ninja to admit who was the better gamer between himself and Drake, leading Ninja to admit that Drake had the superior Fortnite skills – prompting a humorous reaction from Kjellberg, who reminded Ninja that he’d just revived him in-game not too long ago.

Even top streamer Dr Disrespect threw shade at PewDiePie’s Fortnite prowess, asking the Swede if he was actually from Antarctica, rather than Europe.

KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite series will throw down once more on June 14, this time featuring controversial YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI.

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