Twitch streamer finishes huge LEGO Millennium Falcon build after 26 hour stream

stanz falconStanz/Disney/LEGO

Twitch streamer Stanz broadcasted his building of the LEGO Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, which ended up taking over 26 hours of streaming and ton of patience and energy.

Putting together huge LEGO sets is no joke, as many of the larger and more expensive sets can be upwards of multiple thousands of pieces.

The LEGO Millennium Falcon, which retails for $799.99, is 7,800 pieces and can take LEGO builders an excessive amount of time to build.

Stanz, a streamer for esports org Gen.G, decided to take on the daunting task of building the Millennium Falcon all in one shot.

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Streamer completes LEGO Millennium Falcon

Stanz began his attempt on January 11 when his announcement tweet read, “The stream doesn’t end till I finish this Lego.”

His first stream lasted 15 hours, getting roughly halfway through building the ship before calling it quits. His fingers became quite pained through the process and claimed he’d be back the next day, “with bandaid fingers.”

The streamer returned the next day for an 11-hour stream, which saw him complete the building of the infamous starship.

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“Let’s Go! It’s the Millennium Falcon! It’s the biggest by-size LEGO set there is. 7,500 pieces, an absolute behemoth.”

Stanz was overcome with joy after finishing the grueling process of completing the LEGO set. In his final message to his viewership that stuck with him throughout the 26 hours, he said: “I’m excited to watch Hell’s Kitchen.”

While watching Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows on stream is much easier than building an entire LEGO set, it sure held a more satisfying pay-off in the end.

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