Twitch streamer stuns viewers feeding seagulls with her head

twitch streamer seagullsWaterlynn

After seemingly having a hard time getting the attention of seagulls, Twitch streamer waterlynn fed the creatures with her head.

IRL streamer waterlynn has recently hosted Twitch streams of their adventures across various parts of China. Such broadcasts, regardless of the content creator, can often prove pretty uneventful.

From time to time, however, some creators manage to strike gold in terms of providing interesting content for viewers to tune into.

Strangely enough, it was a hungry seagull that brought a bit of fun to one of waterlynn’s recent IRL broadcasts.

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This Twitch streamer fed a greedy seagull with no hands

Twitch user fluffybear485 clipped a roughly 30-second segment from a waterlynn stream at a pier. Apparently, the content creator had tried feeding some of the nearby seagulls to no avail. A different feeding technique yielded much better results, however.

Instead of trying to get a bird’s attention with her hand, waterlynn resorted to placing a piece of bread atop her head. It worked wonders, too.

Within a matter of seconds, a seagull swooped down, grabbed the awaiting food, then took off to enjoy their midday feast.

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The Twitch streamer lamented that the seagull had taken all the bread she brought to the pier. But how many people can say a bird’s eaten off their head? It’s the little things that matter the most, after all.

Seagulls have become an interesting source of entertainment on social media in recent years. They’ve even been known to steal the show by photobombing beach photoshoots. At the very least, it’s good to know someone’s giving the gulls a chance to shine all on their own.

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