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Entertainment • Aug 11, 2019

Twitch streamer falls asleep while completely naked on camera

Twitch streamer falls asleep while completely naked on camera

Twitch streamer left viewers totally confused after falling asleep on stream while completely naked, and the bizarre moment has promptly gone viral. 


Aside from letting the world’s best gamers show off their skills, giving podcasters a platform to record live in-front an online audience, and broadcasting the biggest esports event around - Twitch is home to the weird and wonderful. Provided they're still within the rules, streamers can pretty much do anything they want.

Some, however, do step over that mark. We’ve already seen people having sex as part of a daring stunt, and even illegal drug use on-stream, but seeing somebody pass out completely naked is kind of a new twist.


Sleeping while streaming on Twitch can get someone banned, nevermind being completely naked.

That happened though on August 10, when one streamer was captured falling asleep completely naked on their sofa as Twitch viewers watched on in disbelief.

While some onlookers may have been hoping that somebody else, be it a roommate or neighbor, would swoop in and shut down the broadcast, that didn’t happen. Instead, the comatose streamer tossed in turned in full view - quite literally - while slurring speech in their sleep.  


The clip immediately went viral on social media and sprung to the top of the Livestream Fail subreddit with a ton of upvotes.

Given the hilarity, and bizarreness, of the clip, viewers immediately poked fun at the streamer. "this man is butt ass naked,” commented user kevswans while another, chocolatesandwiches, dug deep into their meme collection. “Dicks out for Harambe never forget,” they posted. 


While the streamer may not have decided to broadcast themselves nude on purpose, he could still very well face consequences from Twitch for streaming while naked.

The streamer, or somebody with control of the channel at least, managed to take down any clips and the VOD has since been deleted. However, with the clip going viral, Redditors have since created plenty re-uploads, so the evidence will always remain, unfortunately for the streamer.

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