Twitch streamer faces backlash over custom "bits" emote used to fake $5k donations - Dexerto

Twitch streamer faces backlash over custom “bits” emote used to fake $5k donations

Published: 12/Jul/2021 5:44 Updated: 12/Jul/2021 5:59

by Brad Norton


Several Twitch trolls have been caught abusing the platform’s newest feature, animated emotes, by creating fake “bits” animations to bait streamers who think they’re getting massive $5k donations from new viewers.

Twitch only just introduced custom animated emotes last month and they’re already being taken advantage of. As part of a 10th-anniversary celebration, the Amazon-owned streaming site allowed partnered streamers to create up to five animated emotes.

Tier 1 subscribers are then able to use these animated emotes no different from the static ones. While this was intended as another means of expression, the latest Twitch feature has already led to some damaging interactions.


In one particular case, a partnered streamer by the name of ‘Redvines’ used the feature to create fake bits. Rather than sending real donations, this enabled his subscribers to troll other streamers with misleading messages.


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“I made the $100 bit donation into an emote,” Redvine revealed in one of their most recent streams. “I’m gonna go troll some [other] streamers.”

At first, he jumped into FaZe Mew’s channel and baited him with a 50,000 bit donation, the equivalent of roughly $500. Naturally, Mew was overjoyed and celebrating the massive donation at first. Just moments later, however, Redvine explained it was merely a prank.


Before long, the streamer encouraged his viewers to do the same across the platform: “Clip it if you troll people, I’ll make a video lol.”

Redvine trolls Twitch streamers
Twitter: theEmmagination
Redvine was caught out after encouraging his subscribers to troll other Twitch streamers.

Multiple streamers were soon baited by these fake acts of generosity. One example that went viral came on Emmagination’s stream. A viewer by the name of ‘EnvyTVs’ looked to have donated 540,000 bits in the span of just a few seconds. 

Roughly $5,400 could have been life-changing to the streamer afflicted with chronic pain syndrome, who is also at “risk of ending up homeless.”

In reality, these messages contained nothing more than animated emotes.

The heartbroken streamer said: “Today Twitch hit a new low for me. I was telling my community how I am in risk of ending up homeless because of my gov’s inability to support disabled people and this happened in my chat.”


Just hours after the Emmagination prank went viral, Revine’s fake ‘bits’ emote has been removed, Dexerto can now confirm.

The streamer, who many believe should face punishment for their actions, responded soon after. “My new emote is no longer available, thought it would be a funny prank but some people used it maliciously,” they wrote. “Sorry.”