Twitch streamer explains why her Mom thinks her job is "shameless"

by Andy Williams
bintokki (Instagram)/Twitch


Twitch streamer ‘Bintokki’ was straight to the point when giving her fans an insight into why her Mom questions her full-time streaming lifestyle.

Just Chatting streamers spend a seemingly infinite amount of time talking with their followers about relevant topics, while also providing an insight into their real-life antics. 

While plenty of streamers dip in and out of the section, while transitioning between games, others dedicate the majority of their streaming endeavors to simply interacting with their Twitch chat.

Twitch's Just Chatting section.
Just Chatting constantly ranks as one of the most-viewed sections.


The vast majority of Bintokki’s time is spent in the Just Chatting section of the Amazon-owned platform. And the fact that her faithful following return to chat with the Candian streamer has her Mom in disbelief.

“They don't understand the concept of watching someone talking for five hours,” the streamer opened. “She keeps saying, 'you don’t have a friend, that means nobody likes you!'"

After scolding her daughter, Bintokki’s Mom had an inkling that she was up to no good: “Why are there people watching you? Are you doing something suspicious? I think she meant to say, are you doing something shameless?”


Of course, the 20-year-old reacted accordingly while laughing off the comments. “Hell no,” she exclaimed, before admitting that her Mom’s comments were a little hard to hear.

“I was kind of hurt when she said that you don’t have a friend… Which means that you’re not funny or entertaining – why would 100 people watch you? Are you doing something shameless?”

Reliving the conversation, Bintokki responded by defending her field of work. “I’m not doing what you think streaming is… I’m wearing my sweater and long pants to stream and I talk!


According to Bintokki, her Mom still wasn’t sold on the concept of why people would watch her daughter without a “shameless” incentive.

The description of stream content as "shameless" originates from popular broadcaster Trainwrecks, who will often brandish very suggestive content in this way.

Of course, Bintokki’s following constantly return to enjoy her hilarious antics, such as when she roped in her Mom to wish a viewer a happy birthday.