Twitch streamer Dyrus banned from New World for abusive language

dyrusAmazon Game Studios/Dyrus

Twitch streamer and former LoL pro player Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill was temporarily banned from New World after typing “abusive language” in the game’s general chat.

New World has exploded onto the scene as the new biggest MMO on the market. Amazon Game Studios’ newest title has taken over Twitch as the most-watched game on the platform, with hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers since the game launched on September 28.

Dyrus was streaming his adventures in New World, when one specific joke might have been the culprit for his ban from the game.

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Whether or not the joke noted was the reason for the ban, however, is not known at the time of writing.

New World warrior fighting an ancient robotAmazon Game Studios
New World is Amazon Game Studios latest title and it’s already a massive success.

Dyrus New World ban

Dyrus received a full-day ban while farming some hemp, much to his surprise. In the clip, Dyrus reacts to being banned as the notification pops up on his screen, “Dude, I’m almost (level) 30… No way man. Dude, there’s no way.”

He was clearly shocked by the ban as he didn’t believe he had said or done anything ban-worthy.

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According to a follow-up tweet, Dyrus showed the email he received containing the reasoning for his ban, which includes “abusive language.”

The ban could come from Dyrus having typed in general chat “HEY DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE DN IS” followed by, “DEEZ NUTS.” The joke is as old as time, but Amazon isn’t playing when it comes to using dirty language in the game’s chat.

Luckily, the ban was only for 24 hours, so Dyrus can get back to playing New World in no time.

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