Twitch streamer disgusted after man asks her “how much” to go back to his hotel

man tries to get streamer to go back to hotelTwitch/Justketh

An IRL Twitch streamer was left mortified after a stranger approached her in Thailand asking “how much” it would cost to bring her back to his hotel.

Twitch streamers are once again free to travel the world and 2022 has seen quite the return for the IRL category with content creators touring many tourist hotspots such as Japan, LA and Thailand.

While there are plenty of good times to be had, IRL streams can often be unpredictable with seemingly endless opportunities for random events in the great outdoors including run-ins with complete strangers.

Streamer ‘Justketh’ found this out firsthand during a September 22 broadcast where she met a creepy man with seemingly one thing on his mind: her.

Twitch streamer shocked by creepy man’s request

As Keth roamed the streets of Pattaya, Thailand, a short man approached her and began talking nonchalantly about where she was from.

The conversation soon turned sour, however, as out of nowhere, he asked her “how much” it would cost for her to go back to his hotel – something the streamer had no intention of ever doing.

“What should I say, chat?” she asked her viewers rhetorically. “No, I’m not going to your hotel. Disgusting!”

With that, Keth walked away, leaving the man alone with his head hung in defeat. A few moments later, the streamer broke down, bewildered at what she had experienced.

“I feel sad for the guy. There has to be something wrong [with him] to actually ask me when I’m streaming,” she cringed. “They should have some self-awareness.”

The IRL streamer went on to say that he should have known better based on the fact she was on her phone even if he didn’t know anything about streaming whatsoever.

Twitch chat, meanwhile, came to Keth’s defense, calling the man a creep for asking such a question to begin with.

In any case, chalk this up as yet another weird IRL encounter on Twitch and one that this streamer definitely wants to forget.