Twitch Streamer Destiny Takes a Shot at H3H3’s Ethan Klein “He is a totally predictable gamer-bro”

Published: 31/May/2018 15:25 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 17:22

by Calum Patterson


Popular live streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell labelled YouTuber an host of H3H3 Ethan Klein a “predictable gamer bro” and ‘anti-SJW’ during a recent broadcast – after correctly predicting a tweet from Klein.

Destiny was previously a StarCraft II and League of Legends player, but now considered more of a ‘variety’ streamer, and one which controversy has followed over the years.

This is typically due to his outspoken nature, never afraid to state quite plainly his views on a person or topic, and this most recent episode has attracted a fair bit of attention within the community.

Klein, best known for ‘H3H3’, is one of the most influential figures in the online gaming and entertainment community, and is generally well regarded, as his is H3 podcast.

However, Destiny clearly has his differences with Klein, after a clip surfaced in which he firstly correctly predicts exactly what he would tweet in response to a media representation of Elon Musk.

Then, after being vindicated in his prediction, he calls Klein predictable and accuses him of espousing views which are widely accepted in order to receive kudos, presumably from his fans and community.

“H3H3 on Elon Musk? Oh, I don’t have to read it – I already know what it’s going to say.

They’re going to say: ‘Everyone is attacking Elon, but we’re on his side, the media is corrupt, I think he’s got a good point, I can’t wait for that company to come online.’

Yep, wow how am I so good? It’s almost like Ethan is a totally predictable gamer bro that does reactionary anti-SJW [Social Justice Warrior] commentary that falls in line with every other fucking…”

Klein does regularly Tweet on his personal account about what he believes to be injustices, particularly regarding media and reporting about prominent figures in the community.

He also recently spoke out against YouTube’s changes to subscription boxes, and attacks on YouTuber “MrBeastYT”.

But it seems as though Destiny is less than convinced by Klein’s stance on some of these issues.


SteveWillDoIt speechless after accidentally giving Twitch viewer $10,000

Published: 19/Jan/2021 20:59

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular YouTuber and NELK Boys star Steve ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis was left absolutely stunned after he accidentally gave a Twitch viewer $10,000 during a recent broadcast.

The so-called healthiest man alive is now a little bit poorer after making a poor decision while playing slots on Twitch.

During a January 18 broadcast, Deleonardis went to tip a viewer called KnowDaDrill some money from his Bitcoin wallet. It looked like it was already bound to be a generous $1,000 donation to begin with, but all that changed when the streamer mistyped.

After accidentally pressing a bunch of random numbers on his keyboard, Steve had to backspace, but missed one of the zeroes.

The end result was a much larger tip than he intended to send. 10 times bigger in fact.

A few brief moments later, only after the donation had already done through did Deleonardis realize just how badly he screwed up.

“Oh my God, I just sent him $10,000 on accident!” he gasped in awe. “Oh my God.”

The speechless YouTube star was left in disbelief for a bit, unsure of how to respond to his carelessness. Once he could speak, however, his response was downright wild.

“Ahh,” he groaned. “I’m stoned.”

Unfortunately, the streamer deleted the rest of the vod, so it’s unclear what happened with the funds and if the viewer was nice enough to return the extra money.

That said, judging by the amount in SteveWillDoIt’s Bitcoin wallet, it’s not the end of the world for him. After the donation went through he still had over $95,000 left.

The last few months have been a bit of a setback for the YouTuber and gambler. Notably, he bet and lost $30,000 on the results of the US election, among other wagers.

Nonetheless, with nearly three million subscribers on YouTube and an extremely popular series, he should be able to recoup his losses in no time. Hopefully, however, he checks for any unwanted zeroes before he donates the next time.