Twitch streamer Destiny slams NFTs as “pyramid scheme bulls**t”

Lawrence Scotti
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Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnel shared his opinions on NFTs and the people who promote them during a livestream on his Twitch channel, and had some harsh words for non-fungible token enthusiasts.

NFTs have grown massively in popularity over the last year, as artists and even large corporations have got involved in the space which has been the hot topic of discussion on social media.

Twitch streamers have also been involved, with one streamer nearly making six figures on an NFT video of his bathroom.

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Some NFTs have sold for over $1 million.

Destiny, a veteran streamer who often provides commentary on current affairs as well as gaming streams, paused his playthrough of the new Age of Empires IV to discuss his opinion on NFTs.

“Every single person on the internet that is pushing NFTs is just trying to find a bigger sucker. That’s it. That’s all it is. Every one of them. Basically scammers.”

Destiny then brought the conversation into a much larger context and noted, “there needs to be a macro accounting of human behavior. Because we all grow up making fun of certain people, and then we all grow up and we do that behavior, right? When I grew up, people made of fun of motherf***ers that sold Avon, Mary Kay, and Amway.

“NFTs are the zoomers Avon. That’s all it is, bro. It’s the exact same s**t. You’re buying some worthless f***ing s**t, with the hopes you can pawn it off on some other loser in the future, who thinks they can pawn it off on somebody else. It’s all pyramid scheme bulls**t. That’s what it is.”

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Destiny shared skepticism of NFTs.

Destiny clearly isn’t a fan of the current wave of NFT promotion, particularly from internet personalities. Having equated the tokens to multi-level marketing companies that he described as “pyramid schemes for zoomers”, he argues that the cycle of get-rich-quick schemes has hit our youngest generation.