Twitch streamer Destiny gives bitter response to ridicule from xQc

. 4 years ago
xQc / Destiny

Not all were laughing along with xQc as popular streamer Destiny had harsh words for the former Overwatch pro and it didn’t sound like her was kidding.

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Destiny is an ex-Starcraft pro player who has since settled into the role as one of the most popular personalities on Twitch, but he wasn’t too keen on watching xQc bellow with laughter at Destiny’s expense.

Destiny was at the tail end of his stream after wrapping up an episode of his podcast, when he opened a clip from a viewer, although the contents in the video were joyous, it didn’t bring a smile to the streamer’s face.

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xQc was watching Destiny’s appearance in a sponsored video and couldn’t stop himself from bellowing in laughter at the cameo.

Destiny was not too pleased with the moment, responding to the clip with some choice words for xQc.

“Fuck xQc. Tell him to go crabwalk on his fucking bed somewhere,” Destiny said. “Fucking piece of shit.”

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The dig was referring to a clip of xQc satirically crabwalking on his bed while imitating the popular crab meme video.

xQc has a high-spirited and outgoing personality but his antics don’t tend to sit too well with other personalities on Twitch, and it seems like Destiny is one of them.

Destiny is known for giving his uncensored opinions on various matters so it wasn’t too surprising to hear the sharp remarks from the streamer.

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